Digital Marketing for Assisted Living

AutumnGrove Cottage is a memory care provider with multiple locations in San Antonio and Houston, TX. AutumnGrove approached with the primary goal of moving away from their dependency on the major lead provider ( that was charging $500 per lead and commission on the ultimate sale. At the beginning of our engagement.

Memory Care is a highly competitive, regulated, and sensitive industry. Our digital campaign had to address all these challenges.

Ultimate Results:

  • Autumn Grove managed to grow from 3 locations in Houston to 7
  • From 0 in San Antonio to 2 locations
  • Completely eliminated the need to pay for leads to external providers
  • Due to tremendous numbers got sold to a bigger property group with 30 locations that we are no servicing by using the blueprint of success for Autumn Grove.

Tactics to achieve the results:

Paid Campaign:


  • Due to regulations, the remarketing campaign is not available to Autumn Grove.
  • “Memory Care” keywords range in $20-$30 per click range and overlap with hard drive device management searches.

Behavioral Targeting:

Through our research, we understood that the majority of prospects are not familiar with the “memory care” term. Instead, users were searching for words like “assisted living.” These keywords cost $3-$4 per click. We’ve further narrowed down the campaign by time of the day, day of the week, income, and geo-location to bring in targeted leads for less than $50 on average.

Email List Generation:

Created multiple pieces of valuable content to serve as a lead magnet. Users had to opt-in to download the guides. We then used their emails for retargeting them, lowering the cost per conversion even further.

Search Results:

Our paid efforts fueled the strategy for SEO. Family members looking for a memory care facility for their loved ones are highly sensitive and tend to perform extensive research on reviews of the facility and the comparisons with the competitors.

Our Search strategy relies on two pillars: educational content to gain trust and reviews management on all platforms like (Google My Business, Bing Place, A place for Mom)

  • In 2014 the website had virtually zero organic traffic and ranked for a handful of keywords
  • In November 2018 the site ranked for more than 1000 keywords, the majority of which would cost more than $30 per click via marketing for assisted living

Google My Business

Part of the local optimization strategy was to create a unique GMB profile for each location and to optimize it through posts, reviews management, and videos consistently. To amplify the presence of the profile we are building local citations to each site.

  • In the past 90 days there in total 188,889 visits to locations (a 300% growth YoY)
  • Out of all visits, 124,163 were from Discovery – unbranded keyword searches
  • In total 1,700 phone calls in the past 90 days alone

Tactics to achieve these results:

  • Creating the content that would build trust we new prospects:
    1. Videos targeting to home caregivers
    2. Infographics explaining stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia
    3. How to guides
  • Local link building through
    1. Cooperation with Alzheimer non-for-profit organizations
    2. Blogging Outreach
    3. Q&A Websites
    4. Local Citations
    5. Multimedia content distribution platforms
  • Maximizing all the efforts during high season (after Christmas Holiday)

Ultimately we became a marketing branch for all Autumn Grove locations by managing their digital brand and ensuring a steady flow of leads to keep each property at capacity at all times.

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