DrPipe – design and SEO engagement

Description: Drpipe.ca plumbing company website targeted to both residential and commercial clients. Existing website it oudated and is not ranking for key terms, PR n/a. Time frame 1 year.


  • Create two separate websites
  • Create and execute search engine optimization campaign for the residential part of business. Key terms: drain repair, plumbers, waterproofing, backwater valve.
  • PR sculpting target PR 2 in first 3 months, PR 4 after a year.

Results after 3 months:

  • PR 2
  • Drain repair: position 9
  • Backwater Valve: position 4
  • Traffic Increase: 343%
  • Conversion Rate increase: 250%

Results after 1 year:

  • PR 3
  • Plumber Toronto 7
  • Traffic increase by: 500%

Plumber Website Design

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