Grow Your Store Online: 5 EASY Steps for Small Businesses in 2021

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Written by: Guadalupe Stanley

It’s no secret that online shopping is a fun and convenient way for people to purchase everything from décor to tech gadgets and beyond. And while there are plenty of big corporations offering products, more buyers than ever are ready to support small businesses.

Make sure you’re one of them by dedicating a little extra time to your online presence. The five steps below can expand your circle of customers beyond supportive family and friends, allowing you to reach people who genuinely appreciate what you have to offer.

Start a blog for extra information

Many fledgling small businesses rely on offline networking. You may talk to friends about what you have to offer, or you might carry around business cards to hand out at functions. These are great starting points.

However, most people will want a lot more information before they buy. Don’t assume everyone will want you to just tell them the benefits face-to-face – especially if they’re in a rush.

Start an online blog so potential customers have time to learn about your product or service. Make posts about yourself, your business, and your specialty to establish trust at their pace.

Rely on email marketing

A blog is also the perfect place to capture email addresses. Email marketing can be incredibly effective, and business owners usually feel more comfortable with it. After all, you know that anyone who gives you their email address expects you to reach out.

A free service like Sendinblue makes it easy to handle email marketing.

You can use templates to create sales messaging or newsletters, then have the service send out coordinated email blasts. It’s the perfect way to stay in touch, share new releases, and promote upcoming sales.

Make your brand memorable

When you’re ready to embark on promoting your business, it’s important to have a clear brand. What does this mean?

For one thing, it means you have a clear image. Using the same color palette and logo (check out this free tool if you don’t have one yet) will help you be recognized across platforms.

You can also decide the kind of language and tone you want to use in your writing. Is your business serious and straightforward, or do you need to be trendy and approachable? Figure this out early on for consistency.

Set up social media profiles

If you haven’t already, it’s time to set up social media profiles. This doesn’t mean using your personal Facebook account to sell – it means setting up pages just for your business.

Most online stores should be active on at least three social platforms. There are probably far more choices than you realize. But choosing three or more of the top sites will expand your reach and help customers discover you.

As a rule of thumb, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are the best places to start.

Participate in your niche

Finally, make sure you connect with others in your niche. Use your business’s social profile to connect directly with potential customers.

You can (and should) follow your competition or brands you admire.

Sharing resources from respected names will show your customers that you’re in-touch, credible, and ready to help. And when you can, don’t be afraid to pitch in your own thoughts and products.

 This is all you need to begin growing your ecommerce store in 2021. And best of all, none of them require you to cut into your profits for growth. Instead, you’ll rely on your own words and simple actions to find success.

Whether you have 10 regular customers or 100, using these steps will help you climb closer to your goals than ever before.