Online Marketing Glossary A

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Above the fold: originally a newspaper term has been extended to web development to refer the portions of a webpage that can be visible without scrolling. With the rise of netbooks, Ipads and mobile surfing to determine what is Above the Fold is more challenging.

Absolute Link: a link that shows a full URL path instead of relative path. For example: instead of /page.html. For search engine optimization purposes it suggested to use Absolute Links over relative ones.

AdCenter: Microsoft’s cost per click advertising network. Usually advertisers opt out to show ads on Bing search engine. Even though Bing’s popularity is growing the search volume is still not enough to fully substitute Google’s AdWords. Adcenter should be used in combination with Google AdWord’s for PPC campaigns.

AdSense: Google’s contextual advertising network. Publisher’s of any size can automatically post relevant advertising on their website and earn revenue share on PPC (pay per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis. AdSense ads can be text, graphic, animated graphics and videos.

AdWords: Google’s pay per click advertising network and a leader in the PPC industry. Advertising is keyword targeted and can be either displayed on Google’s search properties and/or on the websites that participate in AdSense program.

Affiliate Marketing: Special programs that allow businesses to expand their businesses by offering incentives to re-sellers of the service. Usually programs are done on CPA basis (Cost per Acquisition). One of the best examples of Affiliate Marketing is Amazon paying commission on books sold through special affiliate links.

Ajax: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML a technique that allows to develop interactive websites without requiring to a new page to load.

Alexa: A company that ranks websites through use of their toolbar in a Web Browsers. The accuracy of Alexa ranking been disputed, but nevertheless Alexa ranking remains one of the key indicators of website’s relevancy.

Anchor Text: A visible text a user clicks on to follow a link. In case of an image link the Alt attribute would be considered an Anchor Text. Different, but relevant Anchor texts are important for Search Engine Optimization.

Alt Attribute: A special tag that describes images. The tag appear when a user rolls over an image and before images are loaded. The tag is useful to blind people who use voice to surf internet. Also the tag is useful to Search Engines as they are still not capable of “understanding” an image. Making sure that the website has proper alt tags is one of the on page Search Engine Optimization Techniques.

ASP: Active Server Pages a programming language created by Microsoft

Authority: Can refer to PageRank authority a system by which Google “decides” which website is more important and as a result is displayed higher in Search Engines Results. The term can also refer to identifying a key people on certain Social Network – a part of Social Media Marketing Plan.

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