Online Marketing Glossary B

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Backlinks – all the links that point back to your website.  The amount and “quality” of backlinks have a significant impact on your website’s search engine’s rankings. Also called back links, backward links and inbound links.

Banned website – a site that is removed from search engine’s results. Most likely after illegal or Black Hat SEO techniques were performed on the website. Also known as deleted or blacklisted.

Banner Ad –is a rectangular graphic ad that leads prospects back to advertisers’ website. Banners vary in size and can be either static image, video or flash.

Banner Blindness – during early age of Internet most of the advertising was not targeted. As a result prospects developed a “blind eye” to banner ads. Furthermore, a lot of modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox support plugins that block banner ads.

Black Hat SEO –term that is used to describe a set of gimmick techniques that might bring short term SEO results, but will likely get you banned from Google in a long run. Black Hat SEO includes cloaking, link farms, automated scrappers, automated submissions etc.

Blacklisted – also known as banned or delisted, a website that is removed from Search Engine’s index and stripped of its PR rank. This can happen either due to Black Hat SEO techniques or malware being installed on the website.

Blog- a periodically updated journal, typically in reverse chronological order. Blogs usually can be syndicated through RSS and read through Feed readers like Google Reader.

Blog Comment Spam – Black Hat SEO technique, either manually or through software adding no value comments to many blogs in an effort to achieve Backlinks.

Blogroll –a term to describe the list of Blogs read by a Blogger. In early days of blogging this was a technique to achieve Backlinks. These days more emphasis is giving to links inside the text rather in a sidebar.

Brand –an emotional response associated with your company’s name. Building a solid brand allows you to move away from competing on a basis of a price and command premium for your products.

Broken Link – also known as dead link, a link that points to a location on the Web that doesn’t exist anymore. Dead links can hurt your SEO.

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