Online Marketing Glossary G

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Gateway Page – also known as doorway page or jump page. A special page with a minimum content designed to entice a visitor to perform a certain action. Gateway pages are “frowned” by Search Engines as a form of cloaking. However, they can be legitimate landing pages for Pay Per Click campaigns.

Geographical Segmentation – a method where only a certain geographic region is targeted. Typically used for businesses the seek local clients only.

Google AdSense –an advertising network created by Google. It allows website owners to embed advertisement on their websites and earn revenue when visitors click on an ad or when ad was shown.

Google AdWords – contextual advertising network created by Google. AdWords part refers to advertisers. AdWords allows to run ads on Pay Per Click (PPC) basis or Pay Per Impressions (CPM). Typically Google AdWords is go to network for PPC campaigns.

Google Merchant Center – formerly known as Google Base. A website created by Google that allows merchant to upload products they sell. The products will then appear in Google Product search.

Google Bombing –a Black Hat SEO technique in which thousands of links are artificially created in short amount of time. These links allow a website to appear high in Search Engines Results. However, once Google catches up the website is removed and blacklisted.

Google Sitelinks – Google considers certain websites more important and ads deeper navigation links in Search Engine Results.

Google Webmaster Tools – an interface provided by Google for webmasters. The interface allows to upload sitemaps, to determine crawl rate, links and popular search terms.

Google Supplemental Index – index of pages with lower trust score. Typically Google places pages with duplicate content and complicated URLs in this index.

Google Trends – tool that allows you to see how Google’s search volume changes for a certain keyword over time.

GoogleBot – a web crawler or a spider is a robot that surfs webpages and indexes them for Google.

Gray Hat SEO –is a set of techniques that falls in between Black Hat SEO (illegal techniques) and White Hat SEO (legal techniques).

GuestBook Spam – a Black Hat SEO technique where a robot finds dofollow guestbooks and automatically posts irrelevant messages. This technique allows to achieve a lot of low quality links. Some shady SEO companies sell it as a service.

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