Online Marketing Glossary D

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Dead Link – also known as broken link, a link that points to a location on the Web that doesn’t exist anymore. Dead links can hurt your SEO.

Delisted –a site that is removed from search engine’s results. Most likely after illegal or Black Hat SEO techniques were performed on the website. Also known as deleted or blacklisted.

Directory – a categorized catalog of websites. In the early days of SEO submitting a website to relevant directories generated good results. These days directory submission techniques are loosing their value. A directory that still has an effect on ranking is DMOZ.

Domain Name Servers (DNS) – a naming system that allows to point a domain name to a certain host.

Doorway Page – also known as a gateway page, a special page with minimum amount of content optimized for a specific keyword or intended conversion, that leads visitors to the main website. Doorway pages can be both legitimate as in creating landing pages for CPC campaigns and not as in cloaking technique.

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