Online Marketing Glossary H

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Headings – title of the document along with subheadings. One of the on page SEO techniques is to optimize all the headings (H1, H2 and H3) on a page.

Hidden Text – hidden text is an old Black Hat SEO technique where text is of the same color as a background. This technique used to allow webmasters to stuff a webpage with hundreds of keywords that are not seen by visitors. These days Search Engines are really good at identifying hidden text, that is why this technique rarely works and usually will only end up in a website being banned from Google’s Search Index.

HTML – HyperText Markup Language, is a descriptive language for creating webpages. HTML5 refers to the latest version of the language.

HTTP – HyperText Transfer Protocol is a commonly used protocol to communicate between servers and web browsers.

Hubs – websites that either scrap articles or link to well trusted websites on a certain topic. Hub syndication is one the way to achieve backlinks.

Hyperlink – is an image or a portion of the text that leads to another webpage when clicked. Inbound Hyperlinks (links from other websites) are one of the key SEO ranking factors.

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