Online Marketing Glossary I

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Impression-also known as a one page view, is an single instance of an online advertisement being displayed. A term CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is used to describe pricing model where advertisers pay for impressions.

Inbound link – also known as backlinks, a link pointing from one website to another. The amount and quality of Inbound links are one of the major factors of SEO ranking. That is why a good SEO company will spend the majority of time on developing organic inbound links – off page SEO work.

Index – usually refers to Search Engine’s database of all of the websites that are appearing in Search Engine Results.

Internet Marketing –also called Online Marketing or Digital Marketing, an umbrella term of marketing on using internet. Internet marketing can include : Cost Per Click campaigns, Impression Buying, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Widget Marketing, Content Marketing and other techniques. A good internet company will create a balanced approach tailored to a specific business with goals of optimizing marketing budget for the most return on investment.

IP Address – is a unique number that identifies every computer connected to an internet. Some websites have a unique IP address, while others on shared hosting share IP address with other websites on that host. It is generally believed that for SEO purposes having a dedicated IP address for a website is more preferable.

ISP –Internet Service Provider sell end users access to the internet. Smaller ISPs also sell their data to marketing companies.

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