Online Marketing Glossary K

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Keyword – also known as search term or search query. Word(s) that user enters into a Search Engine. One of the on page SEO techniques is to optimize a page for a list of keywords.

Keyword Density – a percentage of the certain keyword being used on a webpage. In the old days of Internet a page with a high keyword density will be placed high in Search Engine Results. These days however high keyword density is considered artificial and is not indexed at all. Preferable keyword density is bellow 7%.  It is also more preferable to use synonyms, than repeating the same keyword over and over.

Keyword Funnel – a relationship between various related keywords that represents how a user finds their end goal.

Keyword Marketing – usually refers to either SEO or PPC campaigns.  Describes set of techniques that market a website for a specific list of keywords.

Keyword Research – a research that provides a comprehensive list of all the keywords that a user might use to find a certain product or an information. Keyword research can be used both for SEO and PPC campaigns.  Successful keyword research will identify keywords that bring targeted traffic, have high search volume and low competition.  A quality of Keyword Research largely influences success of SEO or PPC campaign as a whole.

Keyword Stuffing – an obsolete technique of writing an ad copy with an excessive amount of a certain keyword. Webpages with keyword appearing more than 7% on the page are ranked very poorly. The preferable method is using semantically correct sentences and using synonyms.

Keyword Submission – usually refers to initiation of a PPC campaign.

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