Online Marketing Glossary L

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Landing Page – a page specifically created to entice a visitor to perform a desired action. Landing Pages are typically used in CPC campaigns in order to make sure that a targeted visitor sees targeted content. The quality of landing page is determined by both ad copy and UI (User Interface Design). Creating, testing and optimizing landing pages should be one of the key activities of running a successful PPC campaign.

Landing Page Quality Score –a score given by Google withing AdWord campaign. Higher score means that landing page is highly relevant to the advertising itself. High quality score enables advertisers to pay lower amount per click and to appear in more preferable ad positions.

Link- also known as hyperlink is an image or a portion of the text that leads to another webpage when clicked. Inbound Hyperlinks (links from other websites) are one of the key SEO ranking factors.

Link Building –a process of creating inbound links to a website. Link building is a key SEO activity. Best link building programs result in numerous organic link from different type of domains.

Link Bursts – a rapid increase in the amount of inbound links. Link bursts are used sometimes by Black Hat SEO companies, however the website usually is blacklisted after a short period of time. There are also legitimate ways of achieving link bursts like publishing a highly viral content, in that case usually there are other signs that let Search Engines know that content is a legitimate one.

Link Exchange –an agreement between two websites to exchange links. In the early day of Internet a simple link exchange with a lot of partners was enough in order to achieve a high page ranking. These days however Search Engines give less amount of importance to link exchanges. As a result a new form of 3 and 4 way link exchanges have appeared. While link exchange is a legitimate SEO technique, usually the results are very poor. A good SEO company would invest more time in developing relationship with publishers and obtaining more natural looking links.

Link Popularity – is a term that used to describe how important a backlink is. A backlink from a reputable source such .gov website or a website with PR7 have a higher link popularity, than a personal blog.

Link Rot – a percentage of how many links pointing to the website are broken.

Link Text – also known as Anchor Text A visible text a user clicks on to follow a link. In case of an image link the Alt attribute would be considered an Anchor Text. Different, but relevant Anchor texts are important for Search Engine Optimization.

Local Search- a term that refers to both using of a location keywords and the use of local search engines such as Yellow Pages, Google Maps Search or any other local Search Engine in the region. Optimizing a website for a local search needs to be done for businesses who are only looking for local clients.

Long Tail – historically is a statistics term. Typically in SEO context is used to describe longer keywords with less competition, but that still can bring targeted traffic to the website. The use of many successful Long Tail keywords can result in a sufficient amount of targeted traffic from low competition sources.

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