Online Marketing Glossary M

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Marketing Analytics – one of the key marketing activities that refers to analysis of marketing related information such as organic traffic, goal conversion funnels, paid traffic, target group analysis and others. ┬áConstant analysis, proper interpretation of the data and adjustment of the marketing campaign are all keys to the success of a marketing plan. A good SEO company will provide clients with a analytical review of all the raw data from paid and organic traffic.

Meta Description- a description visible to search engine’s robot and displayed in Search Engine’s results. It is advisable to keep descriptions under 160 characters and to have different description for each page on a website.

Meta Keywords – keywords seen by a search engine’s robot. In the old days webmasters used to stuff pages with 100’s of irrelevant keywords, as a result today Google doesn’t take into account Meta Keywords at all. The best practice is considered to put 3 highly relevant keywords on each page.

Meta Robots Tag –usually is done in a form of a document robots.txt. This document describes the rules for search engine’s robot and allows or disallows to index certain pages.

Meta Search Engine – a search engine that pulls results from other search engines and rearranges them in a new list.

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