Online Marketing Glossary O

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Optimization Services: also known as Internet promotion, site optimization, search engine placement services is a loose term to describe Search Engine Optimization services.

Organic Listings: also known as natural listings, are Search Engine’s result that typically appear on a left site. Organic listing is a listing displayed by Search Engine based on their popularity algorithm rather than amount a company paid for it. An opposite of Organic listing would be paid listing or pay per click listings. Organic optimization services take longer time, but payoff in a longer run.

Outbound Link: a link pointing to an outside of the website rather than inner page of a current website.  It is always the best to keep outbound links to a minimum and only point to reputable domains. If a page has too many outbound links a Search Engine might consider a website to be a link farm.

Overture: one of the first companies to create algorithm for targeted ad placement. Eventually Overture was bought by Yahoo! and re-branded as Yahoo! Search Marketing

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