Online Marketing Glossary P

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Page Rank (PR): is a name for link analysis algorithm developed by Google. A number from 0 to 10 is assigned to a webpage as a relative measure of importance. Google updates PR only couple of times a year and to go move from one level to another gets harder with each level. In early years of Google PR was a good indicator of where the website will show up in the search. However, these days Google considers a lot more factors and a lot of times a webpage with lower PR can outrank the one with a higher one. We suggest not paying attention to your PR, instead you should pay attention on your financial return on investment from marketing activities performed by your SEO company.

Paid Inclusion: also known as paid listings or paid placement, paid inclusion can refer either to directories that request fee for a businesses to be included into a directory or to advertising programs such AdWords where an advertiser pays for their ad to show up in Sponsored Results section.

Pay Per Click (PPC): also known as Cost Per Click (CPC). An advertising method where advertiser pays only for clicks on the advertisement (for example AdWords).

PHP:Hypertext Preprocessor is an open source server side programming language used in a lot of Content Management Systems (CMS). PHP allows to render web pages and add interactivity to them.

Poison Word: a word that might be considered by Search Engines as associated with a low quality content. Appearance of poison words in ad copy and influence Search Engine to demote or blacklist the page.

Position Reporting: companies used to report on a position for each optimized keyword in Search Engine rank. While this is still practiced it is getting harder to calculate the position and relate it to ROI. Search Engines became highly local and adopt to both history of a user and a device searched on. As always we suggest to concentrate on ROI rather than a position obtained through your internet marketing efforts.

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