Online Marketing Glossary R

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Rank: also known as position, rank refers to a place where website is displayed in Search Results for a particular keyword.

Reciprocal Link Exchange: also known as Link Exchange an agreement between two websites to exchange links. In the early day of Internet a simple link exchange with a lot of partners was enough in order to achieve a high page ranking. These days however Search Engines give less amount of importance to link exchanges. As a result a new form of 3 and 4 way link exchanges have appeared. While link exchange is a legitimate SEO technique, usually the results are very poor. A good SEO company would invest more time in developing relationship with publishers and obtaining more natural looking links.

Robot:also known as web spider or a crawler. It is Search Engine’s program that analyses websites and collects data for Search Engines.

Robots.Txt: is a text file stored in website’s root directory for a Search Engines’ Crawlers. Robots.txt tells a crawler which pages webmaster allows to crawl and which pages should not be included in Search Engine’s Index.

Return on Investment (ROI): a term that describes financial gain or loss from marketing efforts. We suggest using ROI as a key performance indicator when you hire an SEO company.

RSS: Real Simple Syndication a method of syndicating content to a feed reader or other software that allows people to subscribe to RSS feed.

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