Online Marketing Glossary W

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Web Analytics: is a branch of marketing analytics that uses statistics from the traffic to the website to comprehend visitor behavior and how to adopt marketing campaigns to suit it better. Web Analytics looks at such metrics as : unique visitor, page views, click through rate, conversion ratio and sales funnel.

Website Marketing: also called Online Marketing or Digital Marketing, an umbrella term of marketing on using internet. Internet marketing can include : Cost Per Click campaigns, Impression Buying, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Widget Marketing, Content Marketing and other techniques. A good internet company will create a balanced approach tailored to a specific business with goals of optimizing marketing budget for the most return on investment.

Website Optimization: optimizing website in accordance to 200 factors Google uses to decided on how to rank a website in their Index. On-page optimization is an easy process compared to off-page optimization.

White Hat SEO: also known as Ethical SEO. A set of techniques that is not considered to be manipulative or illegal by Search Engines. Ethical SEO takes longer to deploy than automated or Black Hat SEO, but also has longer term and profitable results.

WordPress: a popular due to the ease of use to final users  content management platform (CMS), typically used for blogging, but more recently for smaller websites as well. Our website is built on WordPress for example.

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