PPC Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns is a type of contextual marketing where advertiser only pays for a click on their ad. Pricing for PPC campaign can be divided into two parts:

  • Set-up part: this is a part when all the keyword research is performed, keywords are grouped, ads and landing pages are created, finally conversion tasks are set-up
  • Monitoring: this is a more difficult part of PPC campaign an ongoing management. Good PPC management should include: A/B testing, fraud monitoring, conversion optimization, new landing pages creation and constant adjustment of pricing.

When providing a quote for PPC campaign we determine the price by difficulty of a particular business niche and the complexity of conversion needed by advertiser. These are the prices we on average charge our clients for PPC campaign Set-up portion. We then charge 15% of your overall PPC budget. Feel free to request your custom quote right now or read more bellow the pricing table to learn about our PPC process.

PPC Set-up Prices

Our process for creating a successful cost per click  campaign:

We interview our clients in order to get a clear idea in regards to their final goals. We gauge  your expectations for investment in a marketing campaign. We discuss different target groups for a campaign and what type of visitors are the most profitable ones. This is a stage where we define all the conversion tasks that need to be achieved.

We create a raw list of keywords: your competitor keywords, synonyms, common misspellings,long tail keywords. The goal here is to find highly relevant with high global search volume and low competition. Quality of a keyword research determines the success of PPC campaign as a whole.

We divide the best keywords we identified into sub-groups by topic. Every sub group contains at a maximum 25 keywords. We create separate groups with misspelled keywords and attach negative keywords to make our groups razor sharp targeted. At this level we also decide on keywords matching type.

Once we defined groups we start crafting at least 2 ads for each group. We employ professional copywriters on staff with marketing background and North American English as a first language. Created ads are highly relevant and entice people to click on them with a strong call to action.

In order to achieve high conversion ratio landing pages customized to each group need to be created.  When creating landing pages we yet again employ professional copywriters. Furthermore, landing pages are then laid out by a professional User Interface designer (UI designer). UI designer usually creates two types of layouts for the same ad copy text – this is what’s called A/B testing.

Once  everything is set-up monitoring process starts. We monitor top and lowest performance keywords, click fraud and visitor behaviorWe cross check all the PPC data with Analytics tracking software data in order to identify converting sales funnels.

This is probably the most important stage of any PPC campaign – analysis.  Every two week we perform a comprehensive analysis of your campaign and decide how to adjust prices, which ads to eliminate, new ads that need to be created and tested, landing page analysis. We put this analysis in simple terms and report it to our clients in order to keep them in a loop of what worked and what are we going to do in the future.

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