Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the internet marketing channels that consists of tactics and strategies that aim at bringing targetted traffic to the website via no paid results in Search Engine Systems (Google and Bing).

SEO Process

seo goals

Understand Business Goals every business is different and needs to have a clear understanding of why they need SEO. Good reasons are:

    • To increase lead quantity
    • To reduce cost per client acquisition
    • To attract a new type of a customer
    • To keep competitor away through occupying larger real estate in Search Engine Results Pages
    • To protect online reputation
customer profiles

Understanding Customer Profiles  before starting to market website through SEO it is imperative to understand

  • All of the different types of customers business currently has. Ideally, these clients are segmented based on their behaviors
    • Profitability within each client segment based on a long term value of a customer
    • Growth opportunity based on a volume or larger sales within each segment
Keyword research

Keyword Research a practice in which we research keyword we think will serve business goals of the campaign. It is important to understand that primary research is just a hypothesis. An activate SEO campaign will test and fine tune that assumption. Good keyword research will have following characteristics:

    1. Statistics based on multiple sources
      • AdWords Planner
      • Current Analytics
      • Paid Campaigns
      • Competitor Websites
      • 3rd party services such as SEMRush and Wordtracker
    2. Finding the right balance between volume and competition when looking for target keywords
    3. Realistic expectations on what would happen to businesses goals  if a website would rank for target keywords
tracking system setup

Tracking System Setup  SEO efforts need to be measured and correlated to business results. A good system would consist of:

    • Website traffic segmented by customer type and acquisition channel
    • Conversation tracking setup
    • Integration between site metrics and the CRM system. This is a crucial step that helps to identify the effect of SEO campaign on the bottom line.
    • Heat mapping and mouse recordings
    • Custom phone numbers
website seo

Optimizing the Website marketing can be distilled into bringing the right people to the right place. The website should be a place that gives the best chance for a targetted visitor to convert. Suggested actions are:

    • Usability Testing to identify obvious problems
    • Solving obvious problems from step one
    • Ad Copy evaluation
    • Navigation evaluation
    • Creation of content based on the keyword research and customer profiles
    • Technical optimization of the website for easier indexing by Search Engines
active seo

Active SEO Campaign in this step SEO agency would start to work on ranking for targetted keywords actively. There are close to 180 different ranking factors; the most important ones are the ones that are hard to scale such as inbound links, external reviews, and behavior on the website. Typical actions include:

    • Matching competitor links
    • Blogger outreach to obtain earned media
    • Link Bait content
    • How-To Articles
    • Q&A Websites
    • Local citations
analyzing seo campaign

Campaign Analysis once the movement in keywords starts we need to analyze if our original assumption was correct and we selected proper keywords.

    • Need to make sure that campaign is running long enough to accumulate sufficient amount of data for material statistics analysis
    • Isolate external variables that can skew the results: seasonality, weather, sales and competitor moves
    • Regression analysis if enough data is available
    • Balance the need for quick conclusions with the most accurate data. The longer we wait to collect data the bigger the chance is that market conditions change and metrics are irrelevant.
Calibrate seo Campaign

Calibrate the Campaign with market feedback it is time to adjust the campaign.

    • Review and reorganize keyword lists
    • Create new campaign
    • Optimize the website by adding relevant content and improving navigation

Rinse and Repeat

Why choose us as your SEO Agency?

SEO is a long term investment with long term results. It is important to choose an agency that you can see working with for a long term.

Business Results:

  • We always keep in mind that goal of any marketing campaign is to lead to measurable business results and not obscure metrics.
  • Our campaigns are profitable

Realistic Expectations: 

  • There is a constant two-way communications channel between the client and us
  • We learn about their business and communicate what is reasonable to expect from our marketing efforts
  • As the campaign evolves we are able to predict the impact with higher degree of accuracy

Based in Canada: 

  • Understanding of North American consumer
  • Ability to communicate during North American business hours
  • On site visits for better understanding of business and strategy
  • Competitive pricing due to Canadian Dollar

No Competition Clause:

  • We believe it is impossible to wholeheartedly to market two businesses that compete with each other.

One Point of Contact:

  • Ease of communication
  • Account Rep has an ability to really understand your business and how we can impact it
  • Accountability, the same person that promises you the results is the same one that delivers the reports

No Long Term Contracts:

  • SEO takes time and we don’t suggest using this channel if you are planning a short term campaign
  • Sometimes even though you plan for a long campaign situation changes
  • We won’t hold you hostage to a contract or charge penalty fees if you decide to leave. All we ask is if for 14 days notice

Proven Track Record of Results in:

  • Local SEO: Plumbing, Roofing, Home Improvement, Real Estate
  • Senior Living marketing: Retirement communities, Assisted Living, Memory care.
  • Financial Services: Credit Unions, Financial Media Websites
  • Medical Marketing: Hospitals, Doctor Practices, Surgery Clinics
  • eCommerce Websites

Get SEO Quote: 

If you want an agency for a long term that is reliable, makes an effort to understand your business and will consistently generate results give us a call at 416-830-0464 or fill out the form