Roman Zelvenschi

I love seeing an idea becoming a real business. Something is exciting about bringing to life something that didn’t exist before. I specialize in taking great ideas and pragmatically executing them. For 15 years, I’ve helped our partners market themselves while being profitable and scalable. My philosophy is that a company needs to invest in […]


Head of SEO


I am an experienced marketer with a track record of delivering results in SEO, Branding and Social Media campaigns. My passion is to help businesses to build their digital strategy to help their prospect see their brand from the right angle. We’ve been living in a “digital first” world for a while now. The pace […]


“Passion Meets Performance in Digital Sales.” I’m Alex Tseval, the Sales Manager at Roman Agency. I’ve enjoyed working in digital marketing for over a decade and have seen how much it has changed.  I love to travel and listen to jazz music when I’m not working. It reminds me of the dynamic nature of our […]


“Branding: Where Art Meets Strategy.” My name is Ekaterina Redko, and I am the Brand Strategist at Roman Agency. I have years of experience in branding and specialize in combining creativity with business acumen. My job is to help guide our clients through the branding process and make sure their brand stands out effectively.  I […]


“Building Bridges in Digital and Life.” I’m here to help you as your trusted Link Builder at Roman Agency. Every link I create is more than just a digital connection; it’s a strategic bridge that leads to enhanced online visibility. With my sharp attention to detail, I ensure that each link is not only placed […]


“Where Precision Meets Passion in Marketing.” I head up Marketing Operations at Roman Agency. My career has been built on strong strategies and innovative solutions, and I lead our team with a mix of analytical prowess and creative flair. I take pride in ensuring that every campaign we run is well thought out and executed […]

Liudmila Kaushovik

“Telling stories has been my passion since my teaching days…” After spending some time as an English teacher, I discovered that my true passion lay in the constantly evolving realm of digital marketing. Now, I work as a content strategist at the Roman Agency. My job is a perfect blend of creativity and data analysis. […]


“In the Heart of Tech, I Find Stories to Tell. I’m Anna, the digital storyteller behind the intricate technical content at Roman Agency. While some see code, algorithms, and protocols, I see narratives waiting to unravel. With each piece I craft, I dive deep into the technical abyss and emerge with content that informs and […]


“Every website is a storytelling platform, and I find joy in building these narratives…” Curating the digital face of a brand is a unique challenge and one I take on with enthusiasm as the Website Editor at Roman Agency. With my sharp eye for design and user experience, I shape our clients’ online presence into […]

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