Web Development

Creating a website that can convert web traffic into leads is a crucial part of an effective marketing campaign.  Our goal is to develop an easy-to-use website that turns targeted visitors into qualified leads and then customers for you.

Get it right from the start: building an effective website

Every project that we develop begins with us performing strategic analysis.  We want to ensure that we understand the challenges You and Your clients will face.  Only then can we determine the project’s unique requirements and what success will look like.

We research different types of audiences and observe their interactions with the website.  From this data, we determine the differences between each group and fine-tune our response to appeal to your different customer avatars.

Our web development process

Each step represents a critical stage in the development process, and all are crucial to delivering a successful website.

  • Discovery: Time is spent defining the requirements of the project and gathering all available data (like heatmaps and usability studies).
  • Planning: Developing a document to move the website from concept to final product.  It’s at this stage that timelines, milestones, and requirements are clearly defined and agreed upon with the client.
  • Design: The user interface elements are created.  Color schemes, typography, and other visual content are chosen at this point.  Selections are made based on data gathered and branding requirements decided upon in the planning stage.
  • Development: The actual building of the website, based on the plan and requirements so that it has the correct features and functions.
  • Deployment: Before any website is officially launched, it is rigorously tested by our quality assurance team. They work to ensure that the website’s features behave as they should.  The website is tested across multiple devices and browsers. This is to ensure that all customers would have a high-quality experience, regardless of device or software used.
  • Training: Our customers will receive instructional videos for using custom functions available on their new website.
  • Maintenance: Part of our service includes continuous monitoring of long-term operation by our web maintenance team.  Our goal is to ensure your website is secure, up-to-date, and performing just as fast as on Day 1!

Aftercare: Web Support & Maintenance

Marketing and development should not be treated as a static event.  We need to adapt to the changes observed in the target audience and react accordingly

Our development aftercare package includes:

  • Continuous website uptime monitoring
  • Security Updates
  • Daily Backups
  • Threat Analysis
  • Speed Optimization
  • Website Changes

If you want a company that is interested in a long term relationship, wants to do the job right from the beginning and can understand both marketing and development goals – we might be the right partner for you.

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