Redefining Assisted Living:
The Inn at Los Patios' Digital Transformation Journey

The Inn at Los Patios
[Case Study]

About the client

The Inn at Los Patios is an assisted living community in northeast San Antonio. It has a 30-year legacy of blending hospitality and nature to offer a peaceful living experience.

The challenges

Preparing for Emerging Competition

The Inn at Los Patios needed to strengthen its market position and stay ahead in anticipation of new players entering the assisted living industry.

Outdated Website

The existing website was not used as a lead generation tool but was more of an online brochure, limiting its potential to attract and engage potential residents.

Need for a Strong Digital Presence

The client had to create an online identity that accurately represented their unique offerings to cater to their evolving target audience’s digital habits.

Our Marketing Solutions

Website Overhaul

We revitalized The Inn at Los Patios’ online presence by revamping their outdated website. Our redesign incorporates modern aesthetics while preserving the unique essence of their assisted living community.

Local SEO Boost

We performed extensive citation clean-up and built new local citations to improve the client’s visibility in local search results, helping them dominate the San Antonio senior living space.

On-page SEO Optimization

We conducted a comprehensive on-page SEO strategy, refining meta tags, keywords, and content to ensure the website looked great and performed exceptionally in search engine rankings.

Google Platform Management

We verified and optimized the client’s presence on Google+ and Google Places and later transitioned to Google My Business. This helped streamline the brand’s online identity and improve visibility in Google’s services.

Link Building & Guest Blogging

Through high-quality backlinks and impactful guest posts, we have established The Inn at Los Patios as a reliable source of information on assisted and independent living.

Comprehensive Paid Advertising

We launched targeted paid advertising campaigns on Google to boost visibility and leads. Additionally, we extended the remarketing campaigns to Facebook and YouTube to engage potential residents across their favourite platforms.

Email List Capture

We implemented strategies for capturing the email addresses of interested visitors. This helped build a robust email list, enabling The Inn at Los Patios to engage with potential residents through personalized content and updates.

the Achieved results

Remarketing Success

We observed a consistent increase in remarketing statistics. Impressions grew from 9408 in 2018 to 15303 by 2019, with a remarkable uptick in click-through rate (CPC), escalating from 0.83% in 2018 to 1.35% in 2019. This increase in engagement resulted in a higher total cost percentage, indicating more effective use of the advertising budget.

Organic Traffic Growth

Our SEO strategies yielded tangible results with a 27.70% increase in overall non-spam traffic by 2019 and, even more impressively, a 37.34% surge in organic traffic. This indicated higher visibility and enhanced audience engagement without reliance on paid promotions.

Improved Keyword Positioning

Our efforts improved ranking for non-branded keywords. By focusing on SEO optimization, we increased the visibility of The Inn at Los Patios in organic search results, reaching audiences searching for assisted and independent living options.

Google My Business Impact

Our focused work on Google My Business saw a significant increase in visibility, with the listing being found 7,984 times via SEO by 2019, proving its effectiveness as a tool for local search visibility.

Increased Website Leads

Our comprehensive digital marketing strategy resulted in a steady growth of leads generated through the website, rising from 92 leads in 2018 to 119 by 2019 on average. This illustrated the improved effectiveness of the website as a lead-generation tool, marking a significant achievement for our campaign.

Organic traffic analytics
Google My Business Stats
Website leads
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The Bottom Line

Our digital strategy revitalized The Inn at Los Patios’ online presence, enhancing SEO and increasing leads. Ready to elevate your business? Contact us today to start your digital transformation.

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