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The Gardens at Spring Shadows
[Case Study]

About the client

The Gardens at Spring Shadows is a senior living community in Northwest Houston. Our agency began managing this business in December 2013 and rebranded it under this name. Previously, it functioned as a multi-family residence and provided excellent service to its customers for over 45 years.

the challenges

  1. The Gardens at Spring Shadows faced a significant challenge as they heavily depended on aplaceformom.com, a lead provider that charged high fees for each lead and claimed sales commissions.
  2. The outdated listings and incorrect contact information linked to their last name, “The Terrace at Spring Shadows,” caused significant problems for the community’s online presence.
  3. Their website’s rigid design restricted their ability to be flexible in their digital marketing strategies.
  4. As a senior living community in Houston, the client had to fiercely compete for online visibility against many other communities, including those located beyond our local market.
The Gardens at Spring Shadows [Senior Living Case Study]

Our solutions

We boosted The Gardens at Spring Shadows’ online presence and visibility with a tailored digital marketing plan. Our strategy expanded their audience and enhanced brand recognition, achieving their desired outcomes.

Website rewamp

We undertook a complete rebranding of the website and enhanced its speed for improved user experience. New schema tags were integrated, making the site more SEO-friendly and aiding in search engines’ efficient indexing and understanding of content, strengthening The Gardens at Spring Shadows’ online visibility.

Competitors & Keyword Research

We conducted detailed research on their local competitors and the keywords they were ranking at the beginning of our work. Those insights allowed us to identify opportunities and refine our marketing strategy, optimizing the community’s digital presence.

Focusing on Targeting

Our keyword research found that potential clients often searched for “senior living” and “assisted living.” As a result, we used demographic targeting based on timing, income, and location to reach our desired audience.

Content Creation

Using the best content creation practices, our team generated informative content resources for prospective residents and their loved ones, establishing credibility for senior care at The Gardens at Spring Shadows.

Business Listing Management

As part of our strategy to improve the client’s local presence, we created and maintained business listings for the community. We updated these listings regularly, managed reviews, and shared relevant content to optimize their performance.

Local Link Building

As part of our strategy, we connected with local healthcare providers, partnered with senior care non-profits, and engaged in blogging outreach. Those efforts helped increase the visibility of The Gardens at Spring Shadows in local search results.

Social Media Management

We created a social media plan for The Gardens at Spring Shadows to increase engagement and visibility. It involved updating content, interacting with the audience, and promoting community events on Facebook and Youtube.


The comprehensive digital marketing plan we developed for The Gardens at Spring Shadows brought remarkable improvements:

  • Even though SEO results are usually delayed (usually 2-3 months are needed), our work was undeniably compelling. We achieved an impressive average increase of 5.2% in keyword position in the short term.
  • By conducting keyword research, optimizing content, and updating the website, search traffic increased by 700%.
  • The community’s top 10 pages were ranked higher, increasing visibility and more organic site visits.
Digital Transformation for the Gardens at Spring Shadows
Overall Traffic [Case Study for Senior Living]
The Gardens' Google Business Profile
The Gardens on Youtube
  • Our social media management has effectively boosted engagement across multiple platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Google Business Profile.
  • Creating local backlinks and citations strengthened the online reputation and visibility of the community.

the bottom line

The Gardens at Spring Shadows experienced growth and progress despite some seasonal fluctuations. This success demonstrates the power of a well-executed digital marketing strategy in the competitive senior living industry, which helped increase visibility and promote growth.

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