Lead Generation and Growth Empowering through Innovative Internet Marketing Strategies

AutumnGrove Cottage
[Case Study]

Using a strategic internet marketing approach, our agency developed a comprehensive solution to address AutumnGrove Cottage’s growth objectives.  

About the Client

AutumnGrove Cottage is a prominent senior living facility focusing on memory care in Houston and San Antonio.

The Challenges

  • The client faced a significant challenge as they heavily relied on a lead provider (aplaceformom.com), which charged high fees per lead and commissions on sales. 
  • So they came to our agency to help decrease their dependence on outside lead providers and broaden their presence in the Houston and San Antonio regions.
  • They also needed to navigate strict regulations in the memory care industry while ensuring their internet campaigns effectively targeted and engaged their desired audience.
Internet Marketing for AutumnGrove Cottage [Case Study]

Our Internet Marketing Solutions

Paid Campaign Optimization

Overcoming Limitations

Due to regulatory restrictions, AutumnGrove Cottage could not use paid remarketing campaigns. So, we devised alternative strategies to optimize their paid campaigns and achieve positive results.

Behavioral Targeting

After conducting thorough research, it was found that many potential clients were unfamiliar with “memory care.” Nevertheless, they were actively searching for terms related to “assisted living.” We successfully generated leads cost-effectively by utilizing targeted demographics such as time of day, day of the week, income, and geo-location. On average, the cost per lead was less than $50.

Email List Generation

Lead Magnet Creation

Our team created valuable resources such as videos for home caregivers, infographics outlining the stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and step-by-step guides to attract potential customers. To access the resources, users were requested to share their contact information. This helped us create an email list for future communication and reduced conversion costs.

Search Engine Optimization

Building Trust through Educational Content

Our SEO strategy involves creating informative content that establishes trust with prospective residents and their families. For AutumnGrove Cottage, we developed a range of resources, such as videos, infographics, and guides, that provide valuable insights into the unique challenges of memory care.

Business Profile Management

Part of the local optimization strategy was to create unique Business Profiles for each location and to optimize them through posts, reviews management, and videos consistently. 

Reviews and Citations Management

We worked hard to earn a good reputation by actively managing positive and negative reviews on platforms like Bing Place, aplaceformom.com and Business Profile. We also increased the visibility of their profiles by creating local citations for each website.

Local Link Building

Earning links from local healthcare providers, cooperation with Alzheimer’s not-for-profit organizations and implementing blogging outreach also helped increase AutumnGrove Cottage’s visibility in local search results.

The Results

AutumnGrove Cottage achieved impressive results using a strategic approach and effectively implementing internet marketing tactics.


The number of AutumnGrove Cottage locations grew significantly, from 3 in Houston to 7 and from 0 in San Antonio to 2.

Independence from External Lead Providers

AutumnGrove Cottage achieved cost savings and increased profitability by taking control of their lead generation process and eliminating the need to pay for leads from external providers.

Acquisition and Empowering Growth

The remarkable progress and expansion of AutumnGrove Cottage have been recognized by a large property group owning 30 locations, which has finally acquired them.

Our Results in Numbers

  • In 2014 the website had virtually zero organic traffic and ranked for a handful of keywords.
  • In November 2018, the site ranked for over 1000 keywords, most of which would cost more than $30 per click via PPC.
  • In 90 days, there were 188,889 visits to locations (a 300% growth YoY).
  • Out of all visits, 124,163 were from Discovery – unbranded keyword searches.
  • In total, 1,700 phone calls in 90 days alone.
Internet Marketing Results for AutumnGrove Cottage [Case Study]
Content Strategist

The Bottom Line

By implementing a customized internet marketing strategy incorporating paid campaigns, email list generation, and SEO tactics, AutumnGrove Cottage successfully reduced dependency on external lead providers, achieved remarkable growth, and positioned themselves as a leader in memory care. 

Our agency’s ongoing partnership with AutumnGrove Cottage resulted in their brand’s digital success and a steady flow of qualified leads for all locations.

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