Olga Krutovtsova

CRM Manager

Olga Krutovtsova

“Navigating Digital Depths with the Precision of a Diver.”

I’m Olga Krutovtsova, the go-to CRM Manager at Roman Agency. Just as I navigate the profound depths of the ocean with my passion for scuba diving, I delve deep into the intricacies of customer relationship management with precision and dedication. Every interaction and data point is an opportunity to understand better and serve our clientele.

Handling CRM isn’t just about managing data for me; it’s about crafting seamless experiences and building lasting relationships. My sporty nature, which thrives on discipline and perseverance, mirrors my approach to CRM: always aiming for excellence, always pushing the envelope.

Beyond the screens and spreadsheets, the thrill of diving and the adrenaline rush from sports keep me centred. They remind me of the world’s digital and marine vastness and how every detail matters. It’s this meticulous nature combined with the athletic enthusiasm that I bring to the table.

With me at the helm of CRM, rest assured that the pulse of our client interactions is always in rhythm, and our strategies are ever-evolving. Dive into the world of customer relations with me, and let’s make every connection count.

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